Overall, I would strongly recommend this school for children who like to be challenged in school and also for parents who are seeking advanced academics balanced with exceptional sports.

Our two children have been attending Carden School of Fresno for five years now. Before coming here, we toured the school for hours and asked tons of questions and by the end we were very impressed. Not only did the children demonstrate exemplary and matured manners, the curriculum was advanced and reminded me of my own well-rounded school in Europe that I attended growing up. A huge factor we also considered was the amount of active teaching time for a kindergartener in Carden and how it compared it to our previous, well-regarded Clovis Unified kindergarten; we found the number of hours were double at Carden.

Over the years, the school has consistently delivered visible and noteworthy results in our children’s behavior. Carden emphasizes the importance of proper manners and attitude towards learning and self-development in children of all ages. They accomplish this by dedicating time for one-on-one instruction that focuses on teaching and correcting every student as an individual. Pairing this with small class sizes, the teachers are able to offer a rigorous education that still teaches and mandates cursive writing, neat work and precision. From book reports on literary classics to lessons in applied mathematics based on the Singapore Method, students at Carden become well-rounded academically and gain advanced understanding of their studies at a young age. Additionally, the students take dedicated classes in Art, Music, Computer Skills, and French.

While I certainly hold the academics in high regard, I think it’s important to note that they are exposed to an exceptional Physical Education program while attending too. The lessons go beyond the typical outdoor-play type of lessons found at other schools. For example, during the week the students have dedicated days for endurance training in running, work-outs that teach students about kinesiology, and specific techniques used in different athletic sports. Pairing this with after school sports such as volleyball, flag football, basketball, soccer, and others, really allows your student to develop a healthy body and mind, all while still having fun. Our son and daughter do not want to miss a day! Overall, I would strongly recommend this school to those children who like to be challenged in school and also for parents who are primarily seeking higher than average level education, balanced with sports.